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The Space Theatre, London 

Adaptation, Translation & Direction

Based on the work of José Triana

C., L. and B. have locked themselves up in an old theatre where they re-enact the killing of their own parents. A question arises: is this a rehearsal for a crime, a confession of guilt or a dead serious game of make-believe? Taking the theatrical act to its utmost consequences, the children soon discover what happens once the parental order is overthrown.   

Siblings is an original translation and adaptation of the work of the Cuban playwright José Triana, a fundamental voice of 20th century Latin American theatre.  


Bethany Denham/ Magali Jeger / Jack Tivey 


Piano: Benedetta Scuto

Costumes: Hana Sofia

Poster: Vidi Descaves

 Pictures: Isadora Baccon

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