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Home Burial


Adaptation & Direction


One thing I care about is taking poetry as the first form of understanding. If poetry isn't understanding all, the whole world, then it isn't worth anything"  - Robert Frost (1874 - 1963)

Home Burial is a theatrical adaptation of the dramatic poems Home Burial (1914) and The Witch of Coös (1922) by Robert Frost.

taking as a starting point Frost's saying that "giving anything a form gives you confidence in the universe", the play exams the themes of guilt, love and the supernatural. In The Witch of Coös a woman recalls the day when a skeleton escaped from the cellar and found his way to the attic. In Home Burial a couple deals with the impact of grief and the challenges of communication.


Sofia Canosa | Bethany Denham | Jack Tivey | Felix Ryder


Stage Management: Rose Eke

Special thanks to: Mateus Monteiro, Jiazheng Li, Matthew Lloyd & East 15

The Cockpit, London | Aug 2021

The Etcetera, London | Aug 2021

The Old Red Lion, London | Feb 2022

Teatri Riflessi Festival, Zafferana Etnea | Jul 2022

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