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Adaptation & direction

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Based on Mikhail Bulgakov's 1925 novella, The Heart of a Dog. 


The story of Bobby, a stray dog who is adopted by world-renowned Professor Philip, a plastic surgeon specializing in non-orthodox methods of rejuvenation and a go-to-name for the aging upper class. After receiving the testicles and pituitary gland - a pea-sized organ at the base of the brain - of a recently deceased human, Bobby becomes a man. Officially censored for six decades, the book remained unpublished during the author's lifetime.

With: Jack Tivey / Oliver Lyndon / Denisa Elena / Anastasiya Ador / Mohit Mathur / Rio Pettersen / Mayuresh Mishra


Assistant Director: Monika Matošević 

Dramaturgical Assistance: Danish Souhail


Graphic Design: Anja Hendrichova 


Makeup Artist: Le-Arnie Johnston


Scenographer: Daria Vasko 

The Golden Goose Theatre, London | April 2023

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