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A Dream song


Tara Theatre, London 

Adaptation, Music & Direction

Based on the work of Sukumar Ray

A Dream Song is an original adaptation of the work of early 20th century Bengali poet, graphic artist, and writer Sukumar Ray. Enter a world of absurdity, physicality, and rhythm, as a narrator recalls a hot day in a forest where he witnesses animals staging a trial. The rhythmic links and magical-realisms that reverberate throughout the so-called Global South through the story of a regular man who just can’t stand the heat. Experience a sensorial adventure with live music and the collaboration of creatives from different backgrounds, set in a South Asian theatre.

Commissioned as part of the Constellations Residency



Daniel Ngomi / Raimu Itfum / Daniel Passi


Dramaturgical Assistance: Danish Souhail

March 2023

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